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I am a sophmore at Cornell University College of Engineering studying Computer Science. I am deeply passionate about the intersection of technology and art, and I am committed to exploring the uncharted territory where these two realms meet. As a software developer, I find immense joy in building projects from scratch and bringing ideas to life through code. The process of creating something tangible from mere concepts fascinates me, and I constantly strive to improve my skills and expand my knowledge. Hackathons have become a significant part of my journey as a developer, as they provide the perfect platform for me to challenge myself, collaborate with other creators, and learn new technologies. I am particularly excited about the world of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. I am eager to delve deeper into these spaces and leverage their potential to create innovative solutions and unforgettable user experiences.


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Invisible Thread

AR Technical Artist

  • Worked on client based projects focused on increassing accesiblility to AR products

  • Collaborated with a team of developers to successfully launch an AR application on 8th Wall

  • Utilized Blender to create 3D mockups for project assets

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NASA Hackathon

Global Nominee

  • Utilized AI to sort 20,000 NASA Datasets and 10,000 NASA Images

  • Implemented GTP3 & Stable Diffusion AI Inpainting to Enable Explanation & Creativity

  • Deployed live to datawithoutlimits.earth

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Cornell Health Hackathon


  • Utilized generative AI to develop personalized environments to individuals overcome their phobias.

  • Leveraged AR and VR technologies to simulate immersive exposure therapy sessions.

  • Created an accessible and cost effective structure for launching this app


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